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Sunday, August 07, 2005


Wood Stoves Hit the Popular Press

The October issue of Inspired House (the relatively new house magazine published by Taunton Press) has two articles relevant to woodstoves. Just shows how the concern for alternative heat sources is growing.

One, Getting Fired Up by Scott Gibson, identifies wood stoves as a counterpoint for rising fuel costs and notes a few of the issues to consider before purchasing. Not much new here, but a good general introduction for someone who hasn't thought about it before.

The second is a Q & A about chimney pots. That's something we haven't written about on the site yet. Michael Bentley, owner of the Chimney Pot Shoppe in Avella, PA and www.chimneypot.com answers that chimney pots are both decorative and useful for improving the draft - especially in a chimney that is too short.

If you're just beginning to explore woodstoves, visit our site. Perhaps start on this page. It lists many of the reasons to install a wood stove.

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