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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Compare Fuel Costs

Here's a handy calculator that compares the cost of various types of fuel -- wood, oil, natural gas, pellets, propane, coal, and electric.

It is already loaded with the national average price for each of the fuels, but you can load the prices from your region.

Take a look

It's from the Pellet Fuels Institute, but pellets don't always turn out to be the cheapest fuel so I guess it's a legitimate calculator.


Outdoor Wood Stoves Stir Controversy

We've added a new page that reviews the current controversy over outdoor wood stoves. We're not talking about barbeques or campfires here. These are woodburning furnaces or boilers.

If you're considering installing one, read this first.

If your neighbor's considering installing one, read this NOW.

Here's the link.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Oil prices soar, but so does firewood

In July and August the wood stove news covered air quality and the movement to 'change-out' old stoves (pre-EPA certification) for new.

Now the news reports cover escalating prices for wood and stoves, little or no inventory, shortages of seasoned wood, and safety tips from worried fire departments. Everyone wants to reduce their fuel costs.

People seem to have forgotten the environmental issues.

Stay in touch with the wood stove news as it changes.

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