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Friday, June 16, 2006


Wood Stoves and Love Birds

No, we're not talking people cuddling by a woodstove here. No human romance. We're talking birds.

And I'm going to have to start a page on wood stoves and pets, I guess. I've heard old stories about sending canaries down into mines to test the air. I guess Love Birds have a similar sensitivity.

aaasite445's space: A Beginners Guide to...: " No matter how hard you may'try, a wood burner will emit fumes and smoke into your home that may kill your lovebird. If you have a home with a wood burner completely isolate a room only for your birds and use an infrared or electric heater. "

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Jotul Acquired by Ratos

If you're interested in the business of wood stoves, here's a news item for you.
HUGIN Online: "Ratos new main owner of Jotul

-Ratos is acquiring 62.5% of the Norwegian wood burning stove and fireplace manufacturer Jotul
-Jotul's previous main owner, Accent Equity, will stay on with a 22.5% stake in the company

Read more about what Jotul owners think of their wood stoves here.


Wood Furnaces in the News Again

The Maine Lung Association has raised the alarm about wood furnaces this week.

You may remember that Eliot Spitzer, New York Attorney General and candidate for governor, raised this same alarm last winter. Last winter he organized the northeastern states to pressure DEP to develop standards and testing for wood furnaces.

We've yet to see anything from DEP and expect this issue to become even hotter by fall. The price of oil, the air pollution issues, and the growth in the sale of wood furnaces all contribute to opposition growing more vocal.

You can read more about wood furnaces and the issues they pose here.

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