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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


New Model Wood Stove Designed in Argentina

Here's an interesting international piece. Wood stoves are used to heat and cook all over the world, but sometimes they compromise health. It's good to see this innovative stove in Argentina. I wonder whether it's affordable.

Treehugger: High Performance Non-Contaminant Stove Designed in Argentina


Wood Stove Change Out Program

We're seeing more changeout programs - get those non-certified wood stoves replaced. $200 is nothing to sneer at, even if the price for new certified wood stoves has skyrocketed.

The Reporter - Rebates offered to change wood stoves: "Rebates offered to change wood stoves

The Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District, [California] in an effort
to reduce particulate matter emissions from woodsmoke, is sponsoring a Woodstove
Changeout Program Aug. 15 through Sept. 30.
The program offers a $200 rebate
to anyone who resides within the district when they replace a non-certified
woodburning stove or insert with any of the following appliances: natural gas,
propane, pellet stove or EPA certified woodstove. "


Wood Furnaces & the American Lung Association of Maine

Still no regulation of wood furnaces from the EPA, and some are getting impatient as another winter approaches.

Why the reticence when the certification of wood stoves has proven so effective at reducing particulates? Is the wood furnace lobby that strong?

Here's an article from Bangor, Maine

Smoke gets in your lungs - Bangornews.com Staff:

"When it comes to health issues, there are some where we can 'wait and see' while others need an immediate and
aggressive response. When the threat is to our lungs due to air pollution, we can't afford to wait and see. That's why the American Lung Association of Maine has identified the use of outdoor wood boilers as a serious lung health hazard requiring immediate action."

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